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Convention 2017

So much to share! Here's a small sample, more to come.

Map your memories with Penny Arrowood

Mask-making with Monduane Harris

Special Exhibits (Anita Korsonsky's table)

Artists Gallery (Debra Van Dyke's table) 

Show and Share (from Marion Creamer's collection)


Freebie Table

Friday, July 21, 2017


Parking at the Embassy Suites Philadelphia Airport is free for Paper Doll Convention members! Allison Cole, our hotel contact explained as follows:
  • When you pull into the parking lot, take a ticket at the automatic gate.
  • Bring it to the front desk to have it validated  -- and then hold on to that ticket!
  • You'll use that same ticket for exiting and entering the lot as many times as you need to -- without paying a fee.


Anne K. Donze displayed this favorite Jim Howard set from her collection
at last year's Show and Share. Many of the photos shown here
are from Anne's Phoenix Convention blog. See more at:

Back by popular demand: SHOW AND SHARE, and YOU are in for a TREAT!!

First, some clarifications on the difference between THE COMPETITION, SPECIAL EXHIBITS, AND SHOW & SHARE.

A bridesmaid from "The Wedding Party," original art panels from the McLoughlin Company ca.1912.
The magnificent panels, from the collection of Diana and Garth Lax,
won the Judges Grand Award and the Popular Grand Award in the Competition last year.

There is the COMPETITION – displays of rare, valuable and one-of-a-kind paper dolls in various categories, to be judged with prizes are awarded in each category.  Mainly the Competition is for paper dolls, though there are exceptions like altered books and coloring books.  For the list of Competition categories, refer to the information packet that was mailed to you after you registered. 

There is no limit, you can enter as many items as you wish!

— To enter, your item(s) must fit into one of the categories, and you must fill out a form (your info packet has several of them) and send to Laura Cushing-Kidney / 35 Crestwood Lane  /  Billerica, MA 01821 — hurry, time is running out!

Mary Young's delightful collection of children's tinware was one of the highlights
of the Special Exhibits at the 2014 Paper Doll Convention in Richmond, Va.

There is SPECIAL EXHIBITS (displayed in the same room as the Artists Gallery on Thursday night) – a chance for people to display interesting collections, paper doll-related or otherwise.  This is where you can show off your toy theaters, dollhouses, paper toys, bridge tallies, or something not at all related to paper or paper dolls!  Have a collection of antique silverware?  Bring it!  Want to show off your stash of hand-made valentines?  Now’s your chance to share it!  Special Exhibits is designed for collections or sets of items, though not limited to groups, one very special item can be included.

— To enter something in Special Exhibits, you need to send the form from your info packet to Sylvia Kleindinst / 31 Jewett Parkway / Buffalo, NY 14214

For the Phoenix Show and Share last year, Lori Lawson brought paper dolls
created by one of her sons when he was 5 years old.


And then there is SHOW AND SHARE, which is going to exhibit one special paper doll from anyone who wants to bring one.  This is the exhibit of the hoi poloi !
It’s like Show & Tell when you were a child; you are showing off one of your favorite pieces, whether it’s rare or not. The point is that it’s a paper doll that is special to YOU.

Last year in Phoenix there was quite a variety, from one person’s favorite Queen Holden paper doll set she and her sister played with when they were children (and the dolls had the tell-tale bent necks to prove it!) to some recently-produced paper dolls of 40s movie stars by an artist from Tasmania. Some people brought amazing, original, painted art – David Wolfe showed off a fantastical paper doll set he made years ago, and Garth and Diana Lax showed us some special paper dolls made by some of our most popular paper doll artists – while other people shared beloved childhood sets that everyone recognized but who cares?  It’s the love of paper dolls that counts in Show & Share.

*** You do not have to register your Show & Share items in advance, just bring ‘em to the Show & Share room on Saturday and the Show & Share monitors will help fit everything on the tables.

*** Unlike The Competition or Special Exhibits, in the Show and Share room touching is allowed. 

*** A set or series counts as one item, but please do not bring more than one!  Those tables fill up fast, and we want everyone who wants to share to have a spot.

August 9 - 13, 2017
Airport Embassy Suites, 9000 Bartram Ave., Philadelphia, PA






[  ]  Registration:  $295
[  ]  Absentee Registration (Souvenirs):  $100.00 USD  
[  ]  Guest Registration (3 Meals/No souvenirs) $150.00

GUEST NAME:__________________________________________

Make checks payable/mail to: Linda Ocasio
                                                96 Minell Place

                                                Teaneck, NJ 07666

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 PAPER DOLL CONVENTION Email #9: Art and Americana

Andrew Wyeth. Maga's Daughter, 1966, tempera


This email blast is based on one of Garth Lax’s emails from 2011. It was so well done, I only had to verify & update a few things and run with it!
— Valerie Keller


On US 1, in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, is a Museum housed in a converted 19th Century grist mill. It's a 20 mile, or 30 minute, drive from your Convention Hotel, and if you like the art of the Wyeths, you're going to love this Museum.

As luck would have it, right now there is a retrospective of the works of Andrew Wyeth that will be on display during our convention.

The Brandywine River Museum has an extensive collection of works by the Wyeth family - - N.C., Andrew, and Jamie - -  as well as works by Brandywine school founder Howard Pyle and students including Maxfield Parrish, as well as paintings by American illustrators Charles Dana Gibson, Rockwell Kent and others. Other works include 19th-century landscapes, still lifes and interior scenes by artists including Jasper Cropsey, George Cope and Jefferson David Chalfant.

The Museum is open every day from 9:30 to 5:00.
Admission is $18 for Adults, and $15 for Seniors (65+).

But there's more.

The house where N.C. Wyeth raised his extraordinarily creative children and the studio in which he painted many of his memorable works of art have been restored to reflect their character in 1945, the year of the artist's death. Educational tours departing from the museum are offered at timed intervals daily; $8 per person in addition to museum admission.

And there's a second tour!

For more than 70 years, the Kuerner Farm was a major source of inspiration to Andrew Wyeth. Since his earliest painting of the farm in 1932 at the age of 15, Wyeth had found subjects in its people, animals, buildings and landscapes for more than 1,000 works of art. Many of Wyeth's best-known works of art emerged from his long fascination with the farm, including Winter 1946 (1946), Groundhog Day (1959), Evening at Kuerners (1970), Young Bull (1960), Spring Fed (1967), and Overflow (1978). Reproductions of these works are viewed on the tour, along with parts of the house, barn and property to demonstrate how Wyeth altered the physical details of a site in order to communicate a particular idea. 

Educational tours departing from the museum are offered at timed intervals. Wednesday through Sunday. $5 per person in addition to museum admission. Due to uneven walking surfaces, the Kuerner Farm is not accessible to disabled individuals.


About 7 miles from the Brandywine River Museum is the world's finest collection of Americana and American Decorative Arts.

Winterthur, the former residence of Henry Francis Dupont, has nearly 200 period rooms, all purchased or salvaged from actual houses. The rooms, which range in date from 1640 to 1840, are completely furnished with paintings, silver, pewter, glassware, textiles, and ceramics. For example:

A room taken from a 1680s house in Massachusetts displays plain pine tables and chairs, along with a carved oak cupboard.  The 1733 Readbourne Parlor from Maryland's Eastern Shore has a chest from Boston painted to resemble Chinese lacquerwork, a tea table and chairs from Philadelphia, and a painting by John Wollaston.

There are rooms taken from homes in Maryland and Upstate New York.  There is a breathtakingly beautiful 1822 Montmorenci staircase from North Carolina; a Charleston, South Carolina room with Chippendale furniture; and a room of Empire-style furniture by Duncan Phyfe.

Every room is different, and there's a surprise around every corner.

Winterthur is a little pricier than other venues we describe, but well worth it. You will never see anything like it anywhere else - - because there is nothing like it anywhere else!!

The General Admission price is $20 for Adults; $18 for Seniors (62+). The Admission includes access to the gardens, a garden tram tour, the Galleries and special exhibitions, and an Introductory Tour of the array of period rooms on the 5th and 6th floors.  If, in addition to the Introductory Tour, you'd like a 1 or 2 hour guided tour, they are available for an additional fee (make reservations at 1-800-448-3883 or 302.888.4600 (TTY 302.888.4907).

All Tour packages include the Library (wait 'til you see what's there!) because the Library is free.

Winterthur admission tickets are honored for two consecutive days so if you prefer, you could visit the House on one day and return the next day for the Library and Gardens.

The Museum (the House) and Gardens are open Tuesday-Sunday, 10 AM - 5 PM. Last tour is at 3:15 PM.  The Library is open Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Winterthur has two places where you can lunch:
– The Cottage Café, in the museum store, features baked goods, smoothies, sandwiches, soups, salads, fresh fruit, gourmet coffee, and wine. The Cottage Café provides inside seating for 20 and additional seating on the adjacent patio.  Open Tues.-Sun. 10am-4pm

– Visitor Center Garden Café, boasting a great view of the gardens, is located in the Visitor Center Pavillion, and features: entrees, including the chef's action stations, pressed panini, and an extensive salad bar; as well as a la carte options including soups, desserts, and more. Open Tuesday-Sunday 10-4.

Winterthur is at 5105 Kennett Pike (Route 52), Winterthur DE 19735, (For in-car GPS or online maps, use 5105 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE  19807.)

Did I mention the Paper Dolls ??

Winterthur has one of the truly great Paper Doll Collections - - the Maxine Waldron Collection of Children’s Books and Paper Toys. The paper doll collection is so extensive that the items do not have individual catalog records, but are arranged in categories - - Handmade Dolls,  Servicemen,  Advertising Dolls (including trade cards), Greeting cards, Miscellaneous (Movie Stars, Dolly Dingle, etc.),  3-D (including pantins),  Uncut Dolls, Furniture and Buildings (but not Toy Theaters - - though see below), and Oversized.

So what specifically can you see? 

How about an embroidered chenille and paper dress trimmed with gold, dating from about 1750?  No doll, but, oh what a costume!

How about handmade paper booklets - - Overlays, including one called "Coiffures"?

How about La Petite Psyche, plus three other Psyches? Wait ’til you see them - - dolls, costumes, hats, boxes, little mirrors!

How about an 1840 piece - - doll, six costumes, hat - - believed to be of young Queen Victoria?

What would you think of the famed "National Costumes" - - the Anson Randolph family?

How about Jenny Lind, or Tom Thumb?

Perhaps some of the great European paper dolls - - Brave Boy, Boy and Girl, the Virtuous Girl, or the Greatest and Most Beautiful Doll ??

Those are just a few that I know are in there. I can't begin to describe all the treasures that will be revealed before your eyes. 

Above, I noted that Toy Theaters were not in the Waldron Paper Doll Collection.  However, the Paper Toys and Games collections are fascinating as well, and contain such rarities as:  Peep Shows depicting Garden Parties, Model Villages, a Farmyard, and exotic places, Victorian Theater sets, complete with stages, props, and characters, A Roll Panorama, made by Milton Bradley in the late 1800s

Board Games, such as The Circle of Knowledge, an 1818 copy of Newton's New Game of Virtue Rewarded and Vice Punished, and an 1840 German geography lottery game.  All these are in the Archives in the Library, open M-F, 8:30-4:30. Note that the Museum (House) is open Tuesday-Sunday, so plan accordingly if you wish to see both. Again, the Winterthur tickets are valid for two consecutive days.

Now - - the Winterthur Librarian needs at least a week’s advance notice if you want to see some of this incredible collection. To make an appointment, contact Jeanne Solensky, Librarian at the Winterthur Library.  The library’s address and phone number:
5105 Kennett Pike, Winterthur, DE 19735.  302-888-4853

It’s an extensive collection, so it would help if you have some ideas about what you most want to see.  Jeanne Solensky provided a link to a written inventory of what is in the Maxine Waldron collection and wrote, “The paper dolls are in Series II and arranged by category.”

To get a glimpse of some items from the collection, there have been articles written for the Winterthur blog:

There is so much to see at Winterthur, from the extensive landscaped gardens to special exhibits to guided tours; you definitely want to do some research!  To see the “Plan Your Visit” page for more ideas:


If you'd like to eat lunch other than at Winterthur, here are two options (recommended enthusiastically by Marion Creamer in 2011!):

Hank's Place:
Hank's Place is a nice, casual restaurant at the intersection of US 1 and Route 100.  It serves soups, salads, and has a wide variety of sandwiches.

The Gables at Chadds Ford:
For a higher level of ambiance and excellent food, you might try The Gables at Chadds Ford.  The Gables is located in a converted 1800s dairy barn, and boasts a simple though elegant setting.  The menu offers a contemporary twist on American cuisine, using French and Asian influences. For lunch, the Gables offers Soups and Salads, Hot Entrees ranging from Jambalaya to crab cake sandwiches to Petit filet, as well as a Fish du Jour and a Quiche du Jour. It's located on US 1 between Route 100 and Route 52.

August 9 - 13, 2017
Airport Embassy Suites, 9000 Bartram Ave., Philadelphia, PA






[  ]  Registration:  $295
[  ]  Absentee Registration (Souvenirs):  $100.00 USD  
[  ]  Guest Registration (3 Meals/No souvenirs) $150.00

GUEST NAME:__________________________________________

Make checks payable/mail to: Linda Ocasio
                                                96 Minell Place
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Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 INTERNATIONAL PAPER DOLL CONVENTION Email #8: Museum tour and more...

Email #8
More on the Wednesday Group Trip

BUT FIRST..... some convention updates and looming deadlines......
Registration forms:
Those of you who haven't sent them yet, please send them to Linda Ocasio without delay.  We need them for headcounts, and you need to make sure you get into workshops you want, and can secure a seat on the bus to the Wednesday tour — there are still seats left but they are going fast!
We also need to submit the tally of our Saturday night dinner food choices to the hotel next week, so if you haven't sent in your registration form yet, even if it's in the mail, please email Linda Ocasio at linda(at)geb(dot)net right away and let her know — chicken, steak or you can request vegetarian ... but only if we find out this week!  After this week the numbers will be given to the hotel and it will be more difficult to make special arrangements.
Absentee souvenir orders:
The clock is ticking!  The souvenir pack this year is chock full of fab paper dolls depicting stars of the Swinging 60s, from Twiggy to James Bond — don't miss out!  We have to send the souvenirs to print soon, but the cutoff date for ordering has been extended to July 7th ... only a few more days left to order the souvenirs as an absentee.  (Ordering info is at the bottom, there's an additional shipping fee for overseas orders, email Linda or Valerie for details)
Hotel special rates ending soon!
The hotel's cutoff date for the special convention rate of $129 per night (Tues 8/8 thru Sat 8/12) ends July 8th, after that you will have to pay the standard room rate (last we checked it was $209 per night). Book your room now!  Even if your convention registration is in the mail, we suggest you book your room immediately, you will still have time to cancel.


Our tour combines a trip to the world-renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) with a gander at genuine 60s designer clothing in a really exciting way.


We are starting off by visiting PMA’s annex, The Perelman Building, for a special appointment to view selections from one of the foremost costume collections in the country.  Museum staff will be presenting a selection of actual vintage clothes from the 60s in their Costume and Textiles Study Room, which is a resource for people to study and learn about fashion design by examining the real items up close. 

This fantastic opportunity is available by appointment only, with study room capacity limited to 20 people at a time, so we will divide up into sub-groups which will take turns viewing the garments.  When you're not in the study room, you will be able to view the exhibits on display in the Perelman’s exhibition galleries, or have a cup of tea in the Gallery Café and enjoy the splendid architecture of the building itself.  The Perelman is a gorgeous Art Deco building on the outside and a modern feast for the eyes on the inside; a masterful blending of old and new.
The Perelman Building houses one of the largest and oldest costume and textiles collections in the country, and there is always something exciting on display.  In addition, the PMA's entire Department of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs is housed the Perelman Building, as is one of the foremost collections of modern and contemporary design in the U.S., ranging from appliances and furniture to ceramics, glass, and lighting.


After lunch our bus will ferry us across the parkway to the main building – the amazing, iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art proper.  There you have free reign to enjoy PMA’s offerings until 3:30 when we will gather to get back on the bus and return to the hotel.
Current special exhibits at the PMA which will still be on display in August:

• Explore the work of legendary photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols: artist, technical innovator, and ardent advocate for preserving natural habitats.

• Cy Twombly’s Fifty Days at Iliam returns to the Museum from a retrospective of the artist’s work at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

• Among Francisco Goya's greatest achievements during his time as court painter to four successive rulers of Spain, were four series of etchings that chronicle the transformation of Spanish society and his own personal visions.

While you are in the illustrious PMA, you can view whatever your heart desires, though I recommend going to their website to make some plans because there is SO MUCH to see!  To name just a few highlights from the permanent exhibits PMA has to offer: 
• The world’s largest and most important collection of works by Marcel Duchamp
• The greatest collection of sculpture by Constantin Brancusi outside Europe
• Superb Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, including Paul Cézanne’s The Large Bathers, Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and important paintings by Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, and Edgar Degas
• Exceptional American painting, sculpture, furniture, silver, and ceramics — including the remarkable creations of the Shakers and Pennsylvania Germans — that reflect Philadelphia’s central role in American history
• Extraordinary “period rooms” and architectural ensembles from around the world
• Ancient works of art gathered from across the globe


 If you happen to be a big fan of sculptor August Rodin, and you’d rather not miss the finest public collection of his sculpture in the United States, you could skip PMA in favor of a short walk down the parkway to the Rodin Museum (entrance is included with your museum admission).  It’s a tough choice, I know, but for fans of this master of sculpting the human form this might be worth the sacrifice.  The museum is relatively small, but houses over 140 bronzes, marbles, and plasters, representing every phase of Auguste Rodin’s career.

The Costume and Textiles Collection:

Philadelphia Museum of Art:

Rodin Museum:

The tour cost $42 per person, which covers transport in a tour bus to and from the museums, as well as entrance to all three above-mentioned museums.  It does not include lunch, which we will enjoy either at the Perelman Cafe or in the Main Building (TBD).
August 9 - 13, 2017
Airport Embassy Suites, 9000 Bartram Ave., Philadelphia, PA






[  ]  Registration:  $295
[  ]  Absentee Registration (Souvenirs):  $100.00 USD  
[  ]  Guest Registration (3 Meals/No souvenirs) $150.00

GUEST NAME:__________________________________________

Make checks payable/mail to: Linda Ocasio
                                                96 Minell Place
                                                Teaneck, NJ 07666